53 Wentworth Ave

Pagewood NSW 2035

Mon - Sun: 7am -10pm


Social Sport is a great way to regularly catchup with your friends or meet new ones.

Ask us about our various social sport competitions including 5v5 Soccer and Netball.


5v5 Social Soccer Competition with a focus on forming a positive social football culture.


A super fun and fast workout with both 5-a-side and 7-a-side formats available for all ages and abilities.

Why play social sport?

Professional Staff

Venue Managers will be available each week to support the operations of our competitions, whilst referees or umpires will facilitate matches each week.

Flexible Participation

We allow both team and individual registration so everyone is welcome to partcipate. Contact us and how we can help you get started.

Sport + Technology

You can do everything from registering your team to checking the fixtures and results online.

Stay Active

Participate to stay active and keep fit. Joining a social competition can be your answer to fitting in your daily workout.

contact us and register your interest